About Us

Contipet is the latest establishment after 15 years of background in pet food and pet care products business.

Contipet’s first steps into pet products importation, marketing and distribution in Israel were taken in the beginning of year 2011 with the company name Levi & Levi, which was the final stage of Levi Family’s experience in pet food production, global sales and marketing where began in Turkey and followed by operations in Canada and the USA.

All began with deliberately small steps in a tiny warehouse in RishonLezion with a limited number of sku’s. By years, these baby steps then grew up into confident and consistent efforts where today managed from the offices and ideal sized warehouse in Kanot, a location near to many highway intersections and Ashdod Port, where allows us easy reach to every spot throughout the country.

As principle, Contipetimports and distributes only high quality products to ensure good health, better life standard and welfare of pet animals. To do this, we established all necessary facilities and infrastructure which is constantly upgraded in the frame of changing customer needs and market trends. Currently, we are exclusively distributing several super premium pet food and pet care products from USA, Canada and Europe including Wellness CORE, Hunter, Sam’s Field, Profine, ProSeries and Vancat.

We are working hard to provide fast, efficient and correct way of service to our customers and providing them the best they deserve.

As Contipet we are committed to…

  • Business ethics
  • Loyalty to the brands we represent
  • Providing constant availability of products
  • Setting realistic goals and good financial planning
  • Clean warehousing
  • Quick and on time delivery
  • Love of animals

…in order to assure full satisfaction of our clients.

Our motivation is to see our pet friends healthy and in good shape, and smiling human friends.